Macro Economics

The big picture. Here, you’ll see easy to read quick charts and analysis of events and trends from around the world that could impact your business each quarter. Get ahead of threats or take advantage of opportunities before anyone else knows they’re coming.

Category-specific Research

Get a quarterly summary of SFW’s proprietary category research about the general end-user compared to your target end-user.

Digital Path-to-Purchase

Google and Amazon Search can make or break your spot on the target’s path to purchase in-store and online. We do a complete analysis of key searches on both platforms to determine what kind of results the algorithms are populating. For instance, are people searching to learn or searching to shop? This can help identify potential retail partners or discover new content strategies. We can even model competitive sales on Amazon upon request.

AI In-store shelf execution monitoring

Get the whole picture with 100’s of photos of your category taken by our teams in Home Depot and Lowe’s. Image recognition software is programmed to “learn up” key categories of on-shelf execution. This way you can see into every store you’re in to make sure POG’s are executed correctly, tests are correctly implemented and product displays are organized and eye-catching.

Want More?

With your POS data, we can take it all much farther.
Would you like to know which POG’s are most valuable and why?
How much you could increase comp sales just by optimizing?
We can even help you with market sizing.